Triple A Grade Budder NON-CRC

We're happy to announce our latest offering from CannaCare-PH, NON-CRC Family of concentrates. IF you thought the crumble we listed was sweet and fruity, wait till you eat a load of this. This has so much terps it's literally a delicious soup of sweetness and good vibes.


As always with all concentrates in the CannaCare-PH lineup this is 100% sourced from indoor material. A lot of competitors with cheaper products use outdoor or dep material, which results in an inferior taste and terpene profile.


Strain Disclaimer

We cannot guarantee that the strain you choose will be available at the time of ordering, we will substitute it with a similar strain should we have too. If you do not wish us to do this, then please let us know when placing your order and we will not proceed with the order, until we have spoken to you via email with alternative strains.


Current Strains as of 07/24/21:


Space Queen -> 4 LB

Pie Hoe -> 3 LB

Larry OG -> 1 LB

Zookies -> 1 LB

Dosikiller -> 6 LB

Mack Truck -> 2 LB

Dance Hall -> 1 LB

Lemon Drop -> 2 LB

Sundae Driver -> 3 LB

Hippy Crasher -> 3 LB

Strawberry Shortcake -> 3 LB

Gask Cake -> 1 LB


All budder comes in 14 Gram jars. If you want to find out the weight of the budder please weigh the whole jar on the scale and then subtract 14 Grams. The weight of the empty jar is written on the jars.


You may only choose one strain per ounce


If you are new to this product or unfamiliar with it, we suggest you do some research online in to this great style concentrate and of course you can always contact us too, we're happy to help.



Minimum Order is 1/4 Ounce (7 Grams)


1/4 Ounce (7 Grams) of Triple A Grade Budder

= ₱ 10,000.00 Total + Shipping. (₱ 40,000.00 per Ounce).


1/2 Ounce (14 Grams) of Triple A Grade Budder

= ₱ 16,000.00 Total + Shipping. (₱ 32,000.00 per Ounce).


1 Ounce (28 Grams) of Triple A Grade Budder

= ₱ 26,000.00 Total + Shipping. (₱ 26,000.00 per Ounce).


If you want to order more than 1 Ounce in the same order, then please contact us with the amount for a personalized quote.




Stealth Packaging with Tracking Number - ₱ 6,000.00 per order.


When you are ready to order, click here Ordering and follow the instructions.


Thank you,


CannaCare PH Team.

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