Nerds Rope Edibles with Packaging

The world's best nerds ropes in 175mg format. You will be able to taste the weed, but subtle taste only. Mostly the candy taste. These will feel like regularly advertised 500-1000mg or so of other types distillate edibles. These will also pack a punch. It's common for users to feel a super intense high which can last for as long as 18 hours, you've been warned folks.


We believe they tastes better than most other edibles on the market (Not on this site though), both legal and underground, and tastes better than commercial gummies. They are made from scratch and not just sprayed with distillate.


True dosage of activated THC quantity with a guaranteed amount of CBDs and a proprietary methods to help digestive absorption into the bloodstream.


We use our very own secretive recipe.


Gluten-free. Has sugar. Has gelatin. This is not suitable for vegans.


100% organic


Concentrates from full-spectrum activated concentrates. No distillate bullshit!




These edibles have been tried and tested for over 5 years. If you are new to these edibles, please start with 1 then adjust from there. Please give at least 1 hour for activation.


The package is labeled as having 600mg which was a mistake, they are actually dosed at 175mg Each.


Minimum Order is 10 Packs.


10x Nerds Rope. 175mg of THC per pack.

= ₱ 14,000.00 Total + Shipping. (₱ 1,400.00 per pack).


50x Nerds Rope. 175mg of THC per pack.

= ₱ 50,000.00 Total + Shipping. (₱ 1,000.00 per pack).


If you want to order more than 50 packs in the same order, then please contact us with the amount for a personalized quote.




Stealth Packaging with Tracking Number - ₱ 6,000.00 per order.


When you are ready to order, click here Ordering and follow the instructions.


Thank you,


CannaCare PH Team.

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