How to Order from Cannacare-PH
Once you are ready to order, you need to email us at

We need the following information.

A name, any name.

We will use the email address that you contacted us on, to reply back to you. We prefer if you could use Protonmail or another free fully encrypted email client rather than Gmail or Yahoo as they are not secure. It is easy to create and you are fully encrypted end to end, meaning our communications are safe from prying eyes. If you are not too concerned about your online security and privacy then please go ahead and use a Gmail or Yahoo account, we will still reply.

And finally your order details, product and quantity.

We will then check stock levels where we can, this is not always possible, and then a sales representative will get back to you with your quotation including the shipping costs and order number, using a secured email service to protect our security and privacy.

Also inside this email you will see a one time Bitcoin Address that must be used to pay for your order. The Bitcoin address will expire in 7 days from the time you received the email, giving you plenty of time to reconsider your purchase before sending the money. No rush from us. Take your time. If however you still have not totally decided by 7 days, do NOT use that Bitcoin address, as it will have expired and your money will be lost forever in the online world.

Once you have sent the money, you need to email and inform us and also at the same time give us your delivery details written down like this



Please supply us with a name that can accept packages and a real address that can be used, business addresses have worked very well in the past. It is your responsibility to give us that correct information. WE cannot accept liability for a lost package if your address is invalid and not correct. We will also be able to track your package to your address and would see if its been delivered or not, so please do not try and convince us that it has not been delivered, if its states "Delivered" on a tracking site, its delivered. Some people do actually try that, but we've been doing this too long to be cheated.  

Finally once we have received the money and your address details we can start preparing your order. Please allow up 48 to 72 hours for a tracking number, as we have to pack your items extremely well due to it going overseas and also the stealth has to be done absolutely right and we will not rush this, then we have to arrange for your package to be sent out international to your address. These things do take at least a few days to organize, we are not Ebay or Amazon just YET Ha. So please be patient, if there is an issue with your order you will be notified as soon as possible, we want you as a returning client, not just a one off client, that makes no business sense.

If you have any further questions regarding an order, then do contact us.

Thank you,

CannaCare-PH Team. 

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