Why Choose Our Cartridges?
Good Question, so let us answer that for you.

Lets start at the very beginning. To make good oil that goes in to the cartridges, you need to be able to make good distillate, and to make good distillate you need good flowers. We buy all our flowers from mom and pop farmers in the hills of California. We buy from here as we know the plants have been looked after whilst growing to get the best out of the plant and then cut and cured properly making sure you only get the very best flowers. We can also guarantee that all the flowers we use to distil are 100% organic. After distilling the flowers three times, it leaves us with anything between 94% to 96% Pure THC Distillate. We use this for all our own products.

The other main ingredient that goes in to our cartridges, is Terpenes, they are what give you the taste, smell and most importantly the effect you are looking to get from your high, a focus energized high, great for day use, or a more couch potato high, brilliant for the evenings, for people suffering from insomnia or for a chill out Sunday. That choice is left to you, our clients. We again source only the very best terpenes to go with our distillate and again they are naturally 100% organic, as it would defeat the object sourcing high grade organic Marijuana flowers, only then to add a non organic ingredient.

These are the only two ingredients that are added to our THC cartridges. Nothing else, these are not to be confused with E-Cigarettes. Our cartridges contain No PG (Propylene Glycol), No VG (Vegetable Glycerin), No Thinners and No Nicotine and are 100% Natural and Organic.

By making our own cartridges we know exactly what goes in to them, we do not need to worry about imitations or people trying to copy our brand, as we do not have a brand to be copied. We decided to source and make our own THC oil, with ingredients that we have gathered ourselves. So our customers can use our cartridges in the knowledge that every toke they take, is 100% natural. and contains no harmful chemicals. We do not brand our product, we do not want too or need too, our clients know what they are getting from us already.

The other main reason why you choose us, is a reason many people who want to try cartridges to get their highs always overlook, and that is what cartridges are being used for their oil? Many people overlook this vital piece of information, as you can get very cheap, poor cartridges that leak, or do not burn well, or are not designed for THC oil, but E-Liquid for E-Cigarettes.

We use only the very best authentic cartridges from within the United States of America, and they are CCELL's. They are the Ferrari's, Rolls Royce's or Mustang's of Cartridges for THC Oil. Top of the Range, only the best for our clients. They are so sort after, that you can actually buy intimidations/counterfeits CCELL's Cartridges from China. But we get our direct from the manufacturer here in the United States. CCELL Cartridges are specifically designed to be used with THC Oil, they use a special type of ceramic so that the thick oil soaks in to the ceramic equally, so when heated you get an even burn. Once you receive the cartridges from us, we will tell you how you can authenticate the cartridges using the serial number etched in on each cartridge, direct with CCELL themselves, so you know 100% your using a genuine CCELL cartridge.

The only thing you need to buy is a battery/pen, which you need to heat up the cartridges and toke on. We have some suggestions in our product page, we do not sell them though, but we recommend buying a genuine battery/pen, you can even get CCELL battery/pens in the Philippines. CCELL are the Number One Brand when it comes to toking THC Cartridges. That is why we use them.

Another good reason to buy from us, is that we sell our cartridges cheaper than anywhere else. Not only do you get a high end top quality THC Oil (100% Natural and Organic), in an also equally top end high quality cartridge, we can do all this and still sell it cheaper than what you can buy locally in the Philippines even the counterfeit crap from China. How is that possible?, you must be asking. Simple, its because we make our own from the very beginning, so are in complete control of the pricing from the very start to the very end. We don't buy ready made cartridges from branded sources that have already been marked up for a profit by that manufacturer, we are our own manufacturer, so buy direct.

To good to be true, I hear you say. Well all we can say to you, is order from us, as we know you will be back. We don't need to give you the hard sell to convince you to buy from us, your own common sense should be telling you that already, if you are already a current user of cartridge. If you are not, then you could and probably will do a lot worse than what we are offering you good people there.

What is our pricing? Well you can go out local in your area today and pay for a One Millimeter Cartridge for anything in between
6,500.00 and 10,000.00 a piece. Our prices start from 5,000.00 for one to at little as 2,600.00 if you bought 25 at a time.

The final reason why you should choose us is that we give you all the information you need to make a very informed decision on your purchase. You don't have to buy, not knowing exactly what it is you are buying.  We don't hide things from you, we tell you exactly what you are buying from the start. Get away for the counterfeit products, your lungs and body deserve better and we supply 100% organic premium triple distilled oil, with equally high end organic terps in an equally top of the range authenticated CCELL cartridge, all at a price less than what you buy your counterfeit cartridges at, what more could you possible ask for good people.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and that you found it helpful,

CannaCare-PH Team

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