1 Gram of Premium Distillate in an authentic CCELL Cartridge.
Welcome to our very own premium unbranded cartridges, filled with the best quality ingredients found on the hills in sunny California.

Just like our Budder, Shatter and Sugar these are high end oils, then put into the top of the range genuine authentic CCELL's, they are the Ferrari's, Rolls Royce's and Mustang's of Cartridges for the best possible toking experience.

Its just our very own triple distilled premium distillate and about 5 to 7% all natural organic cannabis terps and put in to a CCELL. Nothing more, nothing less. Thick and potent, just as you like them. Save some money and try these unbranded CCELL 510 Cartridges direct from CannaCare-PH and see yourself that they are just as good and if not better than what some premium manufacturers produce, whilst saving you money.

For a lot more information about our own cartridges and too see how much love and passion we put in to making them, then please click on this link >> Tell Me More About Your Cartridge Please <<.

Not all strains are available at all times, and we do not have the man power or time to be able to update stock levels on each strain each day, so if a strain is not in stock, then we will replace it with the closest alternative. If you do not want us to do that, then please inform us at the time of ordering.

Flavors currently in stock.

Mango kush
Wedding cake
Forbidden fruit
Yoda OG
Sour Diesel
Purple punch
Grape Ape

Minimum Order is 5 Cartridges.

5x Premium Distillate 1g VAPE CARTS.
15,000.00 Total + Shipping. ( 3,000.00 Each).

10x Premium Distillate 1g VAPE CARTS.
25,000.00 Total + Shipping. ( 2,500.00 Each).

25x Premium Distillate 1g VAPE CARTS.
50,000.00 Total + Shipping. ( 2,000.00 Each).


Stealth Packaging with Tracking Number -
6,000.00 per order.

These cartridges will be ship without any packaging, as they come in none, though they will be well packed and sealed to prevent any leaking and to get it through customs with ease. We can also relabel them as nicotine cartridges for a small additional fee of
50.00 per cartridge, let us know at the time of ordering, labels very simple so as not to stand out.

When you are ready to order, click here Ordering and follow the instructions.

Thank you,

CannaCare PH Team.

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